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Wiers Volunteers With Junior Achievement

May 24, 2024

Junior Achievement's JA in a Day program is a one-day event where Wiers volunteers spend an entire school day delivering a curriculum that helps students understand the fundamentals of business and economics.
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Growing Our Communities Through Junior Achievement

At Wiers International Trucks, community involvement and education are close to our hearts. For several years, we’ve had the privilege of participating in Junior Achievement’s JA in a Day program, a fantastic initiative designed to inspire and prepare young students for their futures. Dave Finney, General Manager of Wiers International Trucks, and Warranty Administrator Kelly Guillot have had the honor of volunteering as leaders four times at Riverside Intermediate School. Over the past two years, they have had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Rumpler’s 5th-grade class, and the experience has been both fun and rewarding.

Junior Achievement’s JA in a Day program is a one-day event where volunteers spend an entire school day delivering a curriculum that helps students understand the fundamentals of business and economics. The 5th-grade program they teach consists of five engaging modules:

  1. Types of Business: Introducing students to various business models and structures, helping them understand the diversity in the business world.
  2. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Encouraging creative thinking and innovation, and highlighting the role of entrepreneurs in driving economic growth.
  3. Types of Careers: Exploring different career paths and the skills needed for various professions, broadening the students’ perspectives on potential future careers.
  4. Keys to Getting and Keeping a Job: Teaching essential skills for job acquisition and retention, such as resume writing, interviewing, and workplace etiquette.
  5. Global Economy: Providing insights into how economies operate on a global scale and the interconnectedness of markets around the world.

Each module is packed with key terms, real-life examples, and interactive activities that make learning both enjoyable and memorable. Dave & Kelly strive to add their experiences and stories to the mix, making the lessons more relatable and engaging for the students.

In addition to Kelly and Dave, Wiers has also had participation in JA In A Day from our HR and Accounting departments over the years. These dedicated volunteers bring their unique perspectives and expertise, enriching the learning experience for the students. It’s incredibly rewarding to see the kids light up with curiosity and excitement as they delve into the world of business and economics.

Making an Impact With Students

The impact of the JA in a Day program goes beyond just imparting knowledge. It provides a platform for Wiers to connect with the community and inspire the younger generation to think about their future careers and the skills they need to succeed. Dave said, “Every session is a reminder of why I chose my career – the joy of sharing knowledge and seeing the spark of understanding in young minds is truly unparalleled.”

Being a part of Junior Achievement’s JA in a Day program has been a fulfilling journey for the entire Wiers team. It’s an opportunity to give back, to inspire, and to be inspired in return. We’re proud to support such a meaningful initiative and look forward to continuing our involvement in the years to come.

If you’re interested in learning more about our community efforts or joining our team, visit our website at wiers.com. Together, we can make a difference, one classroom at a time.


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