Do You Have A Theft Prevention Plan?

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November 20, 2017

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Ensuring safety for your trucking company takes a holistic effort. Safety, of course, involves driver training, vehicle maintenance and staying up-to-date on road conditions. Unfortunately, due to more and more organized theft rings popping up, any comprehensive safety strategy will also involve a trucking theft prevention plan. Whether you are just starting on a theft prevention plan for your trucking operations or just want to fine-tune your existing one, Wiers Fleet Partners is here to help! Grab our tips to keep your fleet and cargo safe while at your location and traveling en route and when you’re in need a proactive partner for sales, service and more, be sure to reach out to the experts at Wiers.

3 Trucking Theft Prevention Tips To Incorporate Into Your Business:

  1. Know What Thieves Want. The Transport Asset Protection Association along with the FBI have a fairly good idea of what is considered hot cargo for thieves. When transporting a cargo that is highly-desirable to thieves, your theft prevention initiatives will be more important than ever. Reports of the most coveted cargo items from 2015 indicate:
    1. Computer hardware and software are the most desirable bringing in theft values of nearly $3.7 million,
    2. Portable electronic communications (smartphones, tablets) at more than $2.7 million,
    3. Consumable goods (presumably food) at just over $2.3 million.
  1. Know Where Thieves Are. Large metropolitan areas attract and support the bad behaviors of cargo-thieving operations. Key reasons for this is the high volumes of freight that move through these areas and the highly-utilized roadway interchanges of major interstates that provide ample opportunities for thieves. The Transportation Asset Protection Association reported recently that understanding where these locations are, keeping up with trends and possibly avoiding the areas altogether will be essential to your trucking theft prevention measure.
  2. Stay Ahead of them with Technology. Telematics software can help you keep tabs on your trucks even when they are out of reach. By using this sophisticated technology tool, you can gain real-time intelligence and protect your fleet from the threats of thieves.

Wiers Fleets Partners works proactively to partner with its customers. We believe our success as a company is only measured by your success. Visit us online or reach out to explore the many ways we can help your trucking fleet stay optimized and safe. From sales to service and even assistance with a trucking theft prevention plan, we’re here for you!


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