Regular Semi-truck Maintenance Demystified

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Having a regular and well thought out semi-truck maintenance plan doesn’t have to be intimidating. As a fleet manager or trucking business owner, there are few things as critical to the success of your operations as regular maintenance. Implementing a thorough semi-truck maintenance plan can seem complicated or even overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

An easy way to ensure your fleet’s maintenance is at optimal levels is to enlist the services of an expert such as Wiers Fleet Partners. We are more than a vendor; we’re here to become your partner. We offer a full range of services and at the top of the list is helping trucking businesses with semi-truck maintenance to prevent costly issues and unsafe conditions.

Here are some helpful maintenance tips to consider:

  • Oil change tips – It’s important to regularly monitor your fleet’s oil, especially before a long haul. Special attention should be paid if the truck has recently had major motor work performed. Routine semi-truck maintenance plans will create a schedule to protect your fleet and prevent issues before they arise.
  • Effects of heavy usage – After a long trip, the trucks in your fleet might have suffered from strain. A check of key maintenance criteria after an extended or demand haul can help keep your trucks from breaking down, affecting the safety of your drivers as well as your bottom line.
  • The importance of following manufacturer recommended mileage – Your truck’s manufacturer will offer up recommendations for regular maintenance and it’s important to take note. For two reasons, one they have tested their vehicles and have insight into what will be best for them; and two, if you have a warranty, it could become affected if you don’t follow their rules.
  • Highway vs. city – City mileage can present wear and tear issues on your fleet that don’t happen when traveling long distances over highways and byways. Understanding the nuances of your fleet’s patterns and adjusting accordingly is an important element of any successful semi-truck maintenance plan.

Your semi-truck maintenance plan should consist of scheduled servicing, regular inspections as well as proactive repairs to prevent larger potential problems and maximize your fleet’s performance. Wiers Fleet Partners will become your proactive partner to help you create a regular maintenance plan specific to your fleet. Our technicians will help you avoid:

  • Vehicle breakdowns
  • Reduce cost associated with unnecessary maintenance
  • Expedite parts replacements as needed
  • Provide a record of adherence with maintenance requirements

A regular maintenance program is the key to a healthy fleet. Find out how the team at Wiers can help you develop a regular schedule of semi-truck maintenance today.