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Jacob Cain | Summer Marketing Intern

August 1, 2023

This summer Wiers welcomed a marketing intern Jacob Cain to the team. Through his internship this summer at Wiers, Jacob received practical hands-on experience in the marketing world.
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Career Development starts before you’re in the workplace.

This summer Wiers welcomed a marketing intern Jacob Cain to the team. Jacob is a senior at Butler University studying marketing. Through his internship this summer at Wiers, Jacob received practical hands-on experience in the marketing world.

Check out his summary of his time with us below.

Jacob Cain

Stepping into the corporate world as a marketing intern at Wiers was an informational experience that allowed me to gain invaluable insights and hands-on knowledge. As a passionate marketing student, I eagerly embraced every opportunity to contribute and learn in this company. Throughout my internship journey, I had the privilege of working with a remarkable team, engaging in diverse projects, and witnessing the true impact of marketing strategies in a real-world business setting.

From day one, the Wiers team welcomed me with open arms, providing a supportive environment that encouraged growth and learning. The team was genuinely supportive, ensuring that I was equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in my role. My mentors guided me through projects and challenges, allowing me to gain confidence and independence in my work while knowing they were always there to offer guidance.

The best way to learn is through experience, and at Wiers, I was immersed in real-world marketing practices that brought theory to life. I had the opportunity to assist in crafting engaging content, participate in brainstorming sessions for marketing campaigns, and analyze the performance of various marketing channels. This hands-on exposure broadened my understanding of the marketing landscape and deepened my appreciation for the strategic decisions that drive business success.

One of the most valuable aspects of my internship was the emphasis on collaboration and teamwork. At Wiers, all team member’s ideas were valued, regardless of their position or experience. I found myself working closely with professionals from different departments, each with their unique skill sets, which enriched my understanding of how marketing aligns with other business functions to achieve common goals.

My internship at Wiers was important in that it helped me transform my theoretical knowledge into practical skills. From the supportive team environment to immersion in real-world marketing practices, I gained confidence and insight that will undoubtedly aid me in my future career. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Wiers, and I look forward to applying the valuable lessons I have learned during my time as a marketing intern. 

Thanks, Jacob! We’re grateful for all the hard work that you put in with us this summer and we’re glad that the experience was a valuable one for you too.

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