If A Tree Falls In The Woods, Will Your Truck Be Repaired Quickly?

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Timber trucks are some of the hardest working trucks on the roadways, and maintaining a logging truck business is even more challenging for this reason. Hauling timber is a type of operation that brings high risk and tight profit margins. If those challenges are enough, the logging industry is also highly regulated and, subject to frequent and often unscheduled inspections. Late this summer, the Midwest’s hard-working logging trucks even arrived on the scene in faraway places like Texas and Florida to help with post-hurricane debris clean-up. With this kind of heavy equipment purposely built for the tough job of moving heavy logs and trees, a well-thought-out logging truck maintenance schedule is more crucial to your business’s success and safety than ever.

For all log trucks, a good maintenance plan is important for operating safely, maximizing payloads, and avoiding overweight fines. A correctly executed logging truck maintenance plan can be your business’s most cost-effective investment. Wiers Fleet Partners is experienced in partnering with trucking businesses and offering proactive, preventive maintenance as well as emergency repairs. We’ve got over five decades worth of expertise to put to work for your business including:

As you know, the logging industry, increasingly feels pressure to adhere to strict safety standards and remaining up-to-date and fully compliant with all the requirements can be an uphill battle. With the powerful technology that Telematics offers, Wiers can help you decipher the regs, keep you compliant and also help you maintain digital records to confirm that you’ve met the requirements.

The good news is that in the past few years, the logging industry has seen an increase in construction activity that is driving up demand and resulting in higher revenues. This demand is expected to continue on the upswing through 2021, as more recovery in the residential construction market is expected and home improvement spending rises.

Wiers Fleet Partners is standing by to help you for preventive logging truck maintenance as well as when an emergency repair if needed. We’re your proactive partner who truly cares about the success of your business.

Let’s explore how a partnership with Wiers can keep your timber trucks running smoothly.