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September 28, 2020

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One of the many benefits of partnering with Wiers is the way we approach electronic preventative maintenance. We know that to truly help our customers lower downtime and overall operating costs, we conduct timely and comprehensive preventative maintenance. Through that, Wiers customers receive EPM inspection reports that allow them to clearly see the condition of the unit(s) and any deficiency. If that sounds like something your truck or fleet could benefit from, read on to see just how valuable EPM reports can be.

What’s included in electronic preventative maintenance reports?

Condition of the Unit

Our EPM reports start with pictures of the front, back, and sides of the unit to document any body damage as well as the overall appearance of the unit. This is an especially helpful tool for managers who rarely have the opportunity to see all of their trucks.

Recommended Repairs

Next, we summarize recommended repairs using a red/yellow/green approach.

  • Red is for the issues requiring immediate attention like DOT items, safety concerns, or the possibility of progressive damage.
  • Yellow is for repairs that should be scheduled at the next possible opportunity. There is no sense in taking a unit out of service if we can schedule a more convenient time to address the problem.
  • Green is for items that can be addressed at the next PM or simply require additional monitoring.

Inspection items are listed below with a simple green check for items that pass and a red ‘X’ for items needing further attention. We believe in transparency and value the role we play in helping customers make good decisions. Details are provided on all red, yellow, and green items to include descriptions and pictures of the issues. Plus, you’ll find a total estimated cost and breakdown of parts and labor.

Additional Metrics

Our technicians also document the following in an easy-to-understand format:

  • Tire tread depth
  • Air pressure
  • Brake lining
  • Brake stroke

How do the reports come to customers?

A copy of this information is included in the unit file and stored on the Fleet Partner Dashboard for easy retrieval and DOT record management.

If you’d like to learn more about our approach to preventative maintenance, please click here and we will be sure to schedule a time to learn more about your needs.