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telematics, gps, fleet management, real time updatesKnowledge, as they say, is power. Utilizing the benefits of GPS driver monitoring can ensure the success of your trucking company whether your trucks are traveling across town or across the country. A reliable GPS tracking system can take the guesswork out of managing your staff and fleet of trucks. The list of benefits this technology can provide to your business is long, so let’s start with eight great reasons to consider GPS tracking for your fleet.

How GPS Driver Monitoring Can Help Your Business Succeed:

  1. Reduce costs – monitoring and reducing idle time can help reducing fuel costs.  Controlling waste and optimizing operating expenses becomes easier when all the details are at your fingertips as provided by your GPS system.
  2. Improve safety  – The continual tracking of your fleet can allow you to act quickly and provide support in the event of an unforeseen event or emergency. It provides a proactive alert system to know when something has gone wrong in real time. If there happens to be an accident after hours, on-call management can be notified and proper actions can be taken immediately.
  3. Provide better customer service – Timeliness, responsiveness and clear communication become easier with real time data at your fingertips. The result: better customer service and a successful business.
  4. Less downtime – Telematics devices provide real-time alerts and remote diagnostics of each unit. This provides an understanding of how to efficiently respond to mechanical breakdowns or issues which can result in less downtime and proactive future planning. Your GPS driver monitoring system will provide you with the insights needed to pivot when needed and schedule trips efficiently. Less unplanned downtime will ultimately equal more revenue for your company.
  5. Track assets – Your GPS system will allow you to closely monitor the location of assets, even from far away. Know when your unit reaches its destination with our geofencing features. These devices are
    especially valuable if a truck is stolen, and has aided in the recovery of past stolen units.
  6. Reduce paperwork – Features such as IFT reporting, digital timesheets and automated tracking will do away with time-consuming paperwork, saving your business time and money.
  7. Optimize Routes – GPS tracking data allows you to identify the best routes to eliminate fuel waste and help you plan for the optimal number of trips, leading to your highest revenue dollars.
  8. Gain competitive advantage – All these factors and more can set your trucking business apart from the competition. By reducing expenses, retaining a strong, safe workforce and optimizing revenues, you’ll gain a leg up on the competition that is still struggling to operate without the insights of a GPS tracking system.


For over 100 years, Wiers Fleet Partners has created strong partnerships with the businesses it supports. By staying on the cutting edge of technology, Wiers has been able to provide its customers with the tools needed to build a strong fleet. Wiers’ telematic technology system for GPS driver monitoring system is the solution to keeping track of your fleet whether it’s one mile or one million miles away.

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