Investing in Leadership

October 7, 2021

The Wiers 2021 Leadership Team meeting provided us an opportunity to grow together, invest in our employees, and formulate a solid fourth-quarter strategy. Read more about what our team was up to.
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Growing Together

There is a lot to be said for a company that invests in its leaders. 

On Sept. 22-23th, Wiers facilitated a 2-day meeting with internal leaders and the intention to create and build a strong fourth-quarter strategy. Throughout various workshops, information was shared on company strategies, setting and achieving goals, customer feedback, and shop financials. A refreshing team-building activity took place at Top Golf, which helped the team build on one of our core values of growing together

2021 Wiers Leadership Team Meeting | Indianapolis, IN

This leader’s meeting was a great reminder that Wiers is constantly driving to help each team member dream more, learn more, and achieve more. Our business grows when our people grow and the time we spent together was invaluable to building relationships and our professional collaboration.   

On the subject of professional collaboration, considering we want our business to grow, we start by investing in our people. Managers & technicians are required to complete an allotment of annual training. Please take note of this outstanding example of growth in action. We value ongoing professional development at Wiers. If you want to join a team of experts and mentors that believe in constant improvement, you have arrived at just the right place. 

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Written by: Liz Wimmer, Wiers Marketing Manager


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