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The Future of Diesel Tech Recruitment- Trucks Roll Podcast Ep. 6

May 10, 2022

Part 3: Solving the Diesel Technician Crisis – The Future

Where American Diesel Training Centers is Going

In this quick epilogue to our interview series with Tim Spurlock, Tom and Tim discuss the future of American Diesel Training Centers. From increased capacity to how to reach out to Tim for training, quite a bit is covered in this short episode to close the book (for now) on a respected and appreciated guest.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • American Diesel Training Centers prepares individuals for a lifetime of employment.
  • The curriculum is designed specifically to prepare individuals to contribute immediately as diesel techs.
  • This program often sees immediate return on investment for both employer and student.

Here is the transcript for Trucks Roll Ep. 6:

Tim Spurlock: We figured out a model that really works. And from an American Diesel standpoint, from just a strategic position, we just sell to the demand.

Tom Wiers: Hi, this is Tom Wiers, the Trucks Roll podcast. Thanks for tuning in. We’re going to finish session three with Tim Spurlock from American Diesel training centers today and talk to him about the future of his company as well as some of the other areas in the skilled trades that need assistance. So here you go. So, Tim, tell us about the future. What do the future of American Diesel training center? Where do you guys see it going over the next maybe three to five years?

Tim Spurlock: Well, that’s a good question. I think that the good news is that we figured out a model that really works. And from an American Diesel standpoint, from just a strategic position, we just sell to the demand. There’s so much market demand right now that we almost don’t even have to sell. We just basically field calls from companies and stuff like that. So we’re expanding. We’ve got right now capacity to do about 600 people a year. That’s going to very quickly double, if not triple. We’re also looking at some other verticals that we’re going to go into. So off highway, like I was talking parts, trailer. The future of American Diesel is we want to help companies by bringing more people into the industry and we want to help people by giving them great jobs with solid companies and a very quick pathway. The kid who’s a service manager, he’s making six figures. He was in our program in 2017. There are very few college graduates making that kind of money.

Tom Wiers: That’s incredible.

Tim Spurlock: And this kid has no debt. Five week program. When was it? His was a part-time, 10 week program. That’s what we want to do. So we want to bring more people into the industry and we want to help people by bringing them into the industry.

Tom Wiers: It’s life changing.

Tim Spurlock: So if we do it right.

Tom Wiers: Yeah, it’s life changing. I think you and I met first met in Atlanta and when I heard your story, immediately, I just, it’s so inspiring. I fell in love with it. I’m like, this is good people doing good things in an industry that’s desperately searching for solutions. And so I’ve always respected what you guys are doing. And I know COVID set us all back so the opportunity to pivot and reinvent your model a little bit and come out of that strong is also equally inspiring. So we really appreciate everything that you’ve done. 


If somebody wants to reach out to you and learn more, or perhaps set up a time to talk with you, what’s the best way to get ahold of you, Tim? Or is there someone else in the organization they should be talking to?

Tim Spurlock: Sure. They can go to the website, which is And they can just email me at TSpurlock@Americandieselcbus, C-B-U-S, like Columbus. And even if you go to the website, there’s a form you can fill out and it’ll get to me.

Tom Wiers: Okay. That’s great. Yeah. You’ve always been really responsive. And I know that as we shared before we started the podcast that we’re getting ready to sponsor three positions. So we’re looking forward to that as well.

I think this is a really important podcast. What you’re doing is, as I said, tremendously important to the industry. And I appreciate the opportunity to sit down with you and talk about this and share it with our listeners. So, Tim, if there’s anything we can do. In the meantime, reach out to us, but we’ll be sending you some candidates here before long. And again, appreciate you being on the podcast with Truck Roll and also doing a great service for our country. So thanks a lot and best of luck to you and your team.

Tim Spurlock: Sounds great.

Tom Wiers: Hey, thanks for tuning in to episode three with Tim Spurlock from American Diesel training centers. We appreciate Tim and his company and all they’re doing to help solve this technician problem. If you happened to miss episode one or two, please go back. There’s a lot of great content that Tim shares with us on the overall problem and how they’re addressing it through their training program. So again, thanks to Tim and the American Diesel training team. If there’s any assistance that you need with commercial trucks maintenance and repairs, please go to We’d love to help you out and support you any way we can. And I appreciate you coming along for the ride on this Trucks Roll podcast. This is Tom Wiers. Thank you. 



The Future of Diesel Tech Recruitment- Trucks Roll Podcast Ep. 6