Drive Green: Eco-Friendly Truck Driving Tips

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going green, eco friendly trucking, speedometer, carbon footprint, save gas, fuel economyEco-Friendly truck driving is easier to accomplish than ever before with more technological advances and more importance placed on the concept of “going green” in every aspect of our day-to-day lives. Driving green is great for the environment, obviously, and can also be great for your bank balance. Many of these easy-to-implement tips will support a lighter environmental footprint and have a positive impact on things like fuel efficiency and overall maintenance costs of your fleet.

Eco-Friendly Truck Driving Tips That Can Be Put Into Action Asap!

Are you optimizing your fuel efficiency? With a few, slight adjustments, you can get closer to driving green and, as an added bonus, save some money on fuel.

  • Lose a little weight – Lessening your drag can make you more aerodynamic, decrease your fuel usage and help you be more eco-friendly. Here are a few easy ways to lessen the load:
    • Remove any unnecessary weight such as racks, chains and unneeded tools/equipment.
    • Keep your flatbed trailer low to the ground and as close to the cab as possible for better aerodynamics.
    • Make sure your tires are the recommended PSI.
  • Get some fresh air – A little fresh air is good at times, but shutting off the AC and rolling down the windows will make you less aerodynamic. A good strategy is to take a break from the AC while in traffic or in slow-zones while passing through towns. Even a slight reduction in AC use can lower fuel consumption by 10%.
  • Check your speed – Monitor your speed closely. Even subtle reductions can have a major impact on your fuel consumption as well as the aerodynamics of your vehicle. For example, dropping from 56 mph to 50 mph can lessen fuel consumption by 22%.

Is your truck in tip top shape? Maintenance is a key part of keeping your truck running well but also contributes to fuel efficiency and can lower emissions. Paying close attention to your truck’s maintenance can be a no-brainer way toward eco-friendly truck driving. Regular oil changes, air filter replacements and routine maintenance can all be contributing factors.

A few easy ways to improve your bottom line can also make you (and your truck) more environmentally-friendly. Saving the planet, saving money on your bottom line – all good reasons to make a few adjustments and start eco-friendly truck driving today. Wiers Fleet Partners is your partner in everything from driving green to emergency repair, our expert technicians will help you reach your goals.