The Three Trip Planning Tips Truckers Can’t Live Without

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In almost all aspects of life, a little planning goes a long way. Trip planning for professional drivers is imperative for many reasons.

Your well-planned trip can:

  • Save money
  • Optimize profits
  • Eliminate stress and improve the driving experience
  • Reduce chance of unneeded wear and tear on the fleet
  • Lowers risk of accidents or roadside emergencies

If any or all of those reasons caught your attention, tune in because we’ve got some tips for trip planning you’ll wish you had known about years ago!

Three Trip Planning Tips!

  1. Rely on technology – Tech tools like those offered by Telematics are quintessential to proper trip planning. By utilizing GPS tracking, digital reporting, route planning software and even more, technology can be the brains behind your trip planning – optimizing your operations and ensuring great customer service.
  2. Map your stopsIt seems so obvious, but it takes more than just “Google mapping” the closest gas station. Proper trip planning entails calculating the distance of the entire trip and inserting stops along the way based on hours driven, fuel requirements and availability of stopping locations. Depending on your location, you’ll need to incorporate weather possibilities, traffic patterns and road work into your plan. Leaving any of this open to chance may create a risky situation.  
  3. Plan for an emergency – You can never be over-prepared for an emergency. Stock your truck with key items like snacks, emergency supplies, medications if required and extra clothes in case you break down in a remote area. Technology is a trucker’s friend, however, don’t discount the value of a good atlas in case there is a technological failure of any kind.

Trip planning is a great way to optimize your fleet and your drivers’ job satisfaction at the same time, in fact, it’s a requirement in many instances. Logging your hours and adhering to regulations will keep you safe from liability and fines.

In addition to staying in line with regulations, poor trip planning can have many other negative results. It goes without saying that you could run out of gas but you can also be forced to refuel at the wrong time leading to issues with your truck’s weight and slowing your schedule. Safety is always a consideration too; you never want to your driver or your fleet to end up in an unsafe area of town because they did not plan their stops well.

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