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September 14, 2017

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If you are the owner or fleet manager of a moving company, you might find yourself constantly asking questions, such as:

  • Why is this taking so long to get delivered?
  • Are my trucks on the best route to their destinations?
  • Is my team working at its most productive rate?
  • Will I be able to protect my company should an issue arise?

Moving truck tracking systems such as Telematics from Wiers Fleet Partners help answer these burning questions and many more. Wiers has been in the trucking service and sales industry for decades and has emerged as the leader due to its unwavering work ethic and deep understanding of the needs of trucking businesses, just like yours.

The benefits of utilizing a Telematics system for your moving organizations are nearly endless with some key features that are sure to conserve fuel, save time and save money – not to mention keep your customers happy! Here’s how GPS-based technology can be the solution to moving truck tracking needs:

Real-Time traffic insights can literally save your moving truck business. In major urban areas, traffic conditions can be crippling, and your customers have come to expect your logistics team to find a way around it. Telematics uses GPS technology to keep your fleet on the most efficient track and allow you to anticipate problems before they arise.

Tracking your fleet with a GPS system such as Telematics allows you to access detailed reports for your moving truck business. Tracking is available to account for every mile as your fleet of moving trucks makes it way from the starting address to the ending address. This reporting capability is especially helpful when billing disputes arise as well as for analysis of your business’s operations.

Customers trust moving companies to transport their life’s possessions. Repeat business and referrals can be a critical aspect of your moving truck business’s success. Using moving truck tracking systems such as Telematics from Wiers Fleet Partners, you can provide added value to your customers and increase business by allowing customers to access to moving truck tracking.

Wiers Fleet Partners can help you with moving truck tracking with the power of Telematics. Wiers has decades of trucking experience to put to work for the success of your business and Telematics is a great place to start. Moving truck tracking systems such as Telematics can change the game for your operational efficiencies, the safety of your fleet and send customer satisfaction levels soaring!

Find out how the team at Wiers can help you started with Telematics today.


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