Got Milk? Don’t Miss These Tips To Get It There Safely

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September 21, 2017

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The saying, “don’t cry over spilled milk,” has a completely different meaning to the Dairy truck fleet manager. Breakdowns and delays are unacceptable in a time-sensitive industry such as dairy trucking. The transportation of food creates unique risks and requirements when foods have to be kept at certain temperatures and have finite shelf lives. A solid dairy truck maintenance strategy is imperative to ensure the business is running smoothly and the dairy products travel from farm to table without unforeseen delay.

Technology is the key to keeping dairy truck maintenance! If you haven’t incorporated technology into your maintenance plan yet, there’s never been a better time to do so. Wiers Fleet Partners, with decades of experience in the trucking industry both as a service provider and trucking business owners, specializes in helping trucking businesses just like yours utilize the extensive power of Telematics technology to optimize their fleets and protect their precious cargo.

Telematics can help optimize your dairy fleet operations with features such as:

  • Fast repair – Using Telematics, the pros at Wiers can quickly determine the cause of a problem when it arises, get parts located and put your truck back on the road where it belongs ASAP!
  • Preventive maintenance – With extensive automatic scheduling abilities, your dairy truck maintenance plan becomes easy and rock-solid, leaving nothing up to chance.
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities – Analyze your fleet’s overall efficiencies and keep a strong record of all compliance and safety requirements with the digital reporting component of the Telematics system
  • GPS tracking – Dairy fleet managers want to be able to locate their drivers at any time. With the GPS tracking feature of Telematics, you can always be in-the-know regarding where your trucks are, what route they are on and if an issue has arisen.

The transport of food creates a unique set of challenges, especially for trucking operations that transport dairy products, which require a constant temperature below 40 degrees. Partnering with an industry leader for trucking service and preventive maintenance will help ensure your fleet is prepared to protect its quality and viability of the precious cargo. Telematics technology is the answer to help you operate safely and protect your business.

Wiers Fleet Partner specializes in assisting diary trucking companies to tap into the benefits that Telematics offers including compliance recording, rapid repairs, preventive dairy fleet maintenance and much more.

Let’s get started on a partnership that will last for years to follow today!


My Summer Internship at Wiers

My Summer Internship at Wiers

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