Expect the Unexpected: How to Handle Roadside Emergencies

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December 19, 2017

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Even with the best preparation (and a preventive maintenance schedule), breakdowns and roadside emergencies happen. It’s unrealistic to think it will never happen to one of the trucks in your fleet, and you can control two things: preventive maintenance to avoid unnecessary downtimes and what happens when a roadside emergency takes place.

When the unexpected occurs, be sure you have a reliable partner like Wiers Fleet Partners to call. When an accident occurs, or a breakdown causes one of your trucks or tractors to be stranded, we’re here for you. Our 24-Hour Emergency Roadside Unit is ready along with a technician or even a team of professionals. We’ll arrive on the scene to assess the problem and, in many cases, fix it on the spot or if needed tow your vehicle to a service center right away.

Wiers’ Emergency Service Capabilities Include:

  • Diagnosis
  • Refill fuel tanks
  • Replace lights, airbags, air lines, wheel seals and trailer cords
  • Repair and replace tires
  • Replace belts, brake components, and starter components
  • Replace minor items like mud flaps and wiper blades
  • Assist sliding trailer axles
  • Other minor repairs safe to complete on the side of the road

In addition to having the Wiers emergency contact information on hand at all times, your fleet drivers should be ready with some key action items in the case of a roadside emergency:

  • In the case of roadside emergencies, drivers should have at least three safety triangles, flares and an accident packet that provides instructions and a mechanism to record what happened.
  • Communicate and train your fleet drivers on what the next step is in the most common scenarios from, flat tires to batteries failure to engine problems or accidents.
  • Preventive maintenance is a great tool for preventing roadside emergencies and software tools like Telematics can also help your fleet avoid unexpected downtime with real-time weather and traffic reporting and rapid parts delivery.

Roadside emergencies are avoidable in most cases, with preventive maintenance but can still occur. Training your drivers and working with a mobile maintenance partner like Wiers can help your trucking operation avoid missed deliveries, customer complaints and lost revenue. Contact Wiers Fleet Partners today to outline a preventive maintenance plan customized for your business and, don’t forget to ask us about our mobile maintenance services for when roadside emergencies happen!