3 Ways To Keep Your Trash Trucks Running Clean

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September 5, 2017

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Keeping your waste management fleet healthy and performing at optimal levels is the key to your waste management operations and, ultimately, your bottom line. Choosing the right technology tools as well as the right partner that specializes in mobile services to assist with your proactive maintenance planning will help you keep your trucks working and your business meeting its objectives. Check out a few key ways, working with an industry leading partner such as Wiers Fleet Partners can keep your trash trucks healthy:

  1. Technology is your friend. Utilizing the latest Telematics technology can help you track and provide real-time information for your fleet’s well-being as well as serving up logistical data to help monitor and adjust. By aligning a knowledgeable partner like Wiers, with decades of experience in mobile services and true insight into what trucking operations like yours need, you can help fully tap into this powerful tool and prevent hours of wasted time and avoid costly repairs.
  2. Be proactive with your maintenance plan. Let’s face it; planning ahead is a good idea in almost every aspect of life, but when it comes to your waste management fleet it’s critical. Preventive maintenance plans such as the ones provided by Wiers Fleet Partners with decades of experience in the trucking industry, provide a cost-effective way to avoid problems before they occur. A checklist of regularly scheduled maintenance (customized for your unique needs) is recommended to keep your fleet healthy. Your personalized maintenance plan from Wiers will include services such as tracking alerts when maintenance is needed, diesel particulate filter cleaning technology, truck and trailer alignment, tire rotation, repair and replacement, fluids, belts, filters and engine maintenance.
  3. Have a reliable resource for bodywork. Locating a reputable body shop is not without its challenges, but Wiers Fleet Partners can solve that issue for your business. With decades of experience in providing guaranteed workmanship and a state of the art facility, Wiers will keep your fleet running and looking like new.

In your business, time truly is money, and Wiers Fleet Partners gets it. We’ve got more than five decades of experience to put to work for your fleet along with state of the art facilities, the very best in mobile services and the cutting-edge technology to keep uptime at its max.

We’re standing by to partner with your waste management business today!